Who is Kate Cary?

Hi, I’m Kate Cary. I love chicken caesar salad and cats. I am never bored and never lonely. I believe in kindness and little else.

In 1994, Kate Cary began her professional career for packaging company Henderson by writing a book called Skipping. She went on to write more books for Henderson – French Skipping, How to be a Detective, My Secret File and Funfax Organiser –and in 1997 she began her first fiction series, The Gemma James Adventures.

In 2003 Working Partners Limited asked Kate to write the first two books in a new fantasy series about warrior cats, commissioned by HarperCollins US. The series, Warriors by Erin Hunter, quickly found its way into the hearts of readers, climbing higher up bestseller lists with each new instalment until Warriors became a regular New York Times Bestseller.

Kate has been writing for Warriors ever since. The series has become a global hit; the books have been translated into over 29 languages and in 2016 it was announced that Harry Potter producer David Heyman would produce Alibaba Pictures' film adaptation of the Warriors series.

Between instalments of Warriors, Kate has worked on other series. In 2003, she published two books in a YA series, Bloodline, under her own name. She has also written for younger readers under the names Annie Kelsey and Melody James.

Written under pseudonyms, Kate’s books have sold over 20 million copies worldwide.